Your Mark of Greater Family Protection
Children account for over one third of the nation's fire casualties. And no wonder. In the confusion of a fire, families often become separated. All too frequently the result is a child trapped in his or her room, cut off from rescue. The TOT FINDER® program is designed to help avert this tragedy.
How TOT FINDER works
The basis for the program is the red TOT FINDER decal (shown above). Highly visible during the day and reflective from a light source at night, the attractive decal clearly marks the location of a child's room. Should fire strike, the decal alerts firemen to clear marked areas first.
Where to place the decals
Primary locations for the weather-resistant decals are:
1) Windows of children's rooms facing outside (preferred)
2) At bottom of interior doors facing into hallway
How to obtain Tot Finder Decals
If you are a resident of the East Farmingdale Volunteer Fire Company, contact our Department Secretary at (631) 249-24750 Ext. 264. If you live outside our district, contact your local fire department.